TerreStar Medical was established to protect and expand wireless spectrum resources for remote monitoring of critical care patients.



Conventional Hospitals


While wireless medical telemetry has revolutionized critical patient care, the safety and capacity of the underlying wireless spectrum resource is now in question. Commercial medical telemetry spectrum will permanently safeguard life-critical applications and significantly expand clinical capabilities. 

VA and Federal Hospitals


Veterans Administration and other Federal hospital networks have reaped the significant patient care benefits of medical telemetry use. However, the enforcement of cybersecurity mandates is eroding already scarce medical spectrum resources. Commercial medical spectrum will bridge the gap.

Rural Healthcare Facilities


Large portions of the U.S. patient population live in areas that are underserved by conventional hospital facilities. Wireless medical telemetry is an essential part of telemedicine options for critical-care rural patients, and commercial medical telemetry spectrum offers desperately needed solutions.


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Register Your System

Pending FCC action, commercial medical telemetry spectrum will be offered to clinical users and device manufacturers via a lease and registration system that closely resembles the existing WMTS regime. System administrators are encouraged to pre-register their facilities with TerreStar Medical.


A Call to Action

The Healthcare Community Needs Your Help to Expand Patient Monitoring