1.4 GHz Medical Spectrum Registration Portal

The TerreStar Medical spectrum access process was designed to closely mirror the frequency assignment and coordination mechanisms currently used by WMTS systems. This process will ensure simple and equal access to medical telemetry spectrum for all vendors and healthcare facilities.

Following FCC approval, pre-registrations will be used to activate EAG spectrum manager leases. Terrestar Medical intends to utilize the well established ASHE / Comsearch WMTS registration system to coordinate and assign channels at major healthcare facilities.


NOTE: Following FCC approval and successful pre-registration of the primary site, qualified clinical users will be granted full TM-Connect access.

Registration Assistance

All Medical Users

Tel. +1 (833) 320-WMTS
Email. help@terrestarmedical.com

VA and Federal Hospitals

Tel. +1 (833) 320-WMTS, Ext. 802
Email. va@terrestarmedical.com

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